all lower case, because i’m lazy

hi there. i’ve missed you. i’m sure you missed me. (or barely noticed I was gone!)

my day job is keeping me from enjoying all the things that I want to enjoy. i have not been working out, blogging, or eating as well as i’d like. many long days in the office leave me spent. i know… iknow… if i worked out or ate right, i’d have more energy to conquer the day.

that’s just so much easier said than done.

friday night my darling hubby and i had ‘date night’. we had dinner & drinks on a little rooftop restaurant close to downtown. he’s not quite used to me taking pictures of everything. he’ll warm up eventually! 🙂

IMG 2628

saturday the pups had their annual check up at the vet. tucker’s liver is still not great (but not worse either!) and bella needs to loose about 10 pounds. so, as my knee heals and i’m more mobile the nightly walks will increase. funny story about our vet… last year we had the best vet in the world. i’m not kidding. she called us. emailed us. and even talked in little puppy voices like we do. it was a scary time. tucker’s liver enzymes were elevated and we were running all sorts of tests. she talked us through all our options, kept it real, but was even a little worried and thought about him too (hence, calling & emailings!). well, luckily for her, she must be amazing with all animals because she left our clinic to open one of her own. 

two hours away.

so, we stayed at our local clinic and hoped for the best with the new vet. her name is Kristin and she is awesome! if any of you have pets you know how much they become a part of your family. we would do anything for tucker & bella. and especially as they age (he’s almost 10 and she’s probably 5 or so) it helps to know that we are all in good hands!

bella got her teeth cleaned. they had to put her under general anesthesia. poor girl was out of it.

IMG 2632IMG 2631

notice the back leg hanging off the edge in the first pic. that was literally seconds after she jumped up onto the couch.

today we enjoyed some pool time. and grocery shopping of course.

dinner tonight (salmon cakes with mango cilantro salsa) was a complete bust. but when experimenting with recipes you’ll win some and you’ll lose some!


we’re off for our nightly walk now.

and maybe some ted drewes to wash down that interesting dinner.

enjoy your night!



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