Weekend of Movies and Meals

I love Sundays. 

Generally speaking this weekend has been a perfect combination of productivity and relaxation. 

Friday our date night landed us only a few blocks from home. Onesto’s Pizzeria & Trattoria is one of those cute little south city restaurants that just appears on the corner in the neighborhood. Usually they are extremely busy on the weekends but Friday night we landed a table on the patio with no wait! The night was a bit chilly but it was with the best company. <insert pic of hubby that I should have taken!> We started watching Weight of the Nation (HBO series). Gregg instantly fell asleep since we were watching it in bed. That’s usually my job but I was intrigued by the documentary. I’m anxious to watch the other episodes.


Saturday we finally started to put our house back together. With the first floor floors refinished we finally moved the piano out of the kitchen and we have TV again. It’s amazing how putting everything in living, dining, foyer rooms back to their original place made our home feel so much better! Saturday also consisted of a random shopping to trip to GNC, Target, and Gyros for dinner! We chilled in our living room (having had withdrawals from it) and watched American History X and Love and Other Drugs. Can you guess which movie I picked and which one Gregg picked?

Who is hotter.. Edward Norton or Jake Gyllenhaal? (I know… it’s a tough one!)

220px American history x poster        220px Love Other Drugs Poster


Sunday… today… started off with some Paleo Pancakes (yummy!), a workout, laundry, and hopefully soon to be followed up with a trip to the pool and then grocery shopping.

As much as I hate grocery shopping, it always makes our weeks so much better when it’s done. I’ll be following the Paleo Meal Plan Week 23. The food is tasty, healthy, quick and easy. But the true beauty of this plan is that it takes all the “thought” out of it. Meals are planned and a full grocery list is provided. I no longer have to be creative or figure out what we’re going to eat. I just have to cook it


Click the picture above to Check it out… they offer two weeks for free!


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