Fickle Knees

I had to cancel PT yesterday. My knee was killing me. A new (sharp/stabbing) pain had presented itself along with lots and lots of swelling.

The therapist said she wasn’t concerned… given that i’d been healing so nicely up to that point. so she told me to ice, elevate, and rest! i did and much to my chagrin it’s feeling a tad-bit better today.

I asked the hubby on a date tonight. He said yes. But only after he gets his second workout of the day. Sometimes I wonder what someone with his drive and motivation sees in me. Seriously, this will be his third workout in less than 24 hours. My exercises have consisted of bending and straightening my knee!

Anywho… until i can think of something clever to talk about… enjoy this thought-provoking video from TED Talks on Keeping Goals to Yourself. I don’t know if I agree with this… because I know, personally, when I signed up for my half marathon having all my friends, family, and co-workers knew i then felt committed. What are your thoughts?






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