TV on the Stove

Back in April we started a house project… little did I know I’d still be dealing with it in JUNE!

We’ve tore up all the carpet in the 2nd floor (and stairs) in our house in order to have the original wood floors refinished. The wood itself was in great condition.  The layers of paint and dirt on top of it was another story! IMG 2480IMG 2476

(Stairs before (top) and after (bottom) sanding)

Needless to say, they finished up beautifully. The only problem was the contractor couldn’t get to all the floor because we have lots of furniture in our little house.

 IMG 2478

They worked on it for a week. Then I had surgery. And they had several other big (aka: money-making) jobs. Finally getting back to it today… 

Since we have our doggies, and many precious valuables, neither hubby nor I are comfortable letting people come and go. So we have to adjust our schedules to be here while they work. Luckily, I can work virtually most days. I’m glad I don’t do it all the time though because it’s very lonely. 

Also, never leaving the house makes me a tad crazy.

Top that with not having TV or Radio… I’m getting instant cabin fever. Why can’t I go for a run?! Damn you, knee. This is my TV on the stove…. yes…the house is in disarray…  it’s bad.

IMG 2597


Oh, speaking of my knee!!… yesterday was a big day for me in Physical Therapy. As a reminder, my left (aka: good) knee set the bar at a bend of 141* on day one. Yesterday my therapist just laid into my right knee and got it to 141!!! I was audible about my displeasure with the process (aka: moaning, groaning, and trying not to curse)! And then…. THEN… I did it all on my own! SUCCESS!

But now, the bar has been set and Molly will expect that everyday. CRAP. I couldn’t barely walk last night.

Regardless, it is a huge boost to my motivation to finally break through that barrier. A funny little thing is happening to me… I’m becoming slightly competitive. Even with myself. Gregg is rubbing off on me.

PS – I’ve never been so pale going into summer before.And these hot sunburn lines on my shins (and chest?!) prove that my sunscreen is working. In the areas I apply it! 

    IMG 2577


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