No Pain, No Gain

Many of you already know, but I had meniscus repair surgery back on May 1st. It was orthoscopic and I was able to keep all my meniscus (good news on the arthritis front!) but I have stitches in there that will slow down the healing. The only limitation I really have is that I’m not allowed to squat past 90 degrees. Otherwise, I need to work on getting full range of motion… both bending and straightening!

All that being said, I started physical therapy yesterday. I went before work. Boy, oh boy, was that a mistake! By the end of the day, my pants were so swollen I felt like I was wearing a sausage casing. I know… the mental picture you have right now is very attractive. It was. Not.

Molly, my therapist, tested my strength and range of motion. It’s pretty crappy. And you can imagine that when I bent my knee as far as it goes… it was nothin’ compared to how far SHE could bend it. Gah. I’m going to fill up the swear jar.

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After that… Molly put me on the bike for 10 minutes. I couldn’t make a full rotation. But that will be the goal. Obviously. Until then I spin 1/2way around then back 1/2way around. I probably wouldn’t get very far at that rate. Oh, and Molly cracked the “don’t run away”joke… like that’s the first time I’ve heard it.

Lastly, they attached the electrodes to my thighs that made the muscles contract involuntarily. At the same time I was to raise my leg and contract them.

All this was done by 9am and I headed in to the office for a 10 hour day. Thrilling.

Tomorrow it will be the same thing, but in reverse. Work 10 hrs followed by an hour of torture.

That being said, tonight I cooked a tasty (paleo-friendly) dinner and savored a glass of Malbec wine. Hey, I opened a bottle… can’t let it go to waste!

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