I’m Back

The last month has been a roller coaster for me. April 3rd (my last post) I just got done getting an MRI on my knee. Turns out I had an oblique tear in the medial meniscus. It was a very long process… seeing doctors, specialists, x-rays, … of course through all of this my emotions were all over the place. 

On Tuesday, May 1st I had knee surgery. It actually went better than expected..they were able to repair the meniscus (and not remove any of it). In the LONG term, that is good news… had they removed any of it I would have increased likelihood of developing arthritis. Now, since it’s stitched together, I have a much longer hearing process (several months)… no squatting past 90* and taking stairs one at a time like a three-year-old. 

Since Tuesday I’ve been lost in a haze of ice packs, pillow forts, pain meds, stupid movies, and the interwebs.

IMG 2515

Rehabbing my knee and getting back to training for a half marathon again will be as much a mental feat as it will be physical. So, I’m back to blogging again. I realized, I shouldn’t only blog when things are going great and I’m mastering every run. I need to blog through the entire experience.

Finding my motivation will come in little ways… in fact, day 2 after the surgery I start leg lifts and exercising the knee. The first time through it was bad. Tears streamed down my face. But I fought through it. The next time…I turned on my “New Run” playlist. I listened to the music that I enjoyed on my last run.

I will find my Motivation.

I will run again.


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