I need to pull the trigger and officially make an attempt to sell my Bib number for the Go! in a few weeks.

Today was MRI day. But sadly, the technician would not give me any initial assessment so I’m stuck waiting again. For them to send to doctors office. And office to call me. Why do they have to be that way!? You have the answer right in front of you!!!

That being said, it’s been some more lazy days (workout-wise) in my world. Nothing exciting to report.

While I’d love to say I’m using all that spare time to plan and cook some delicious home-cooked meal… that’s not the case either!

Though, I did finally pay my taxes. And we’re setting up to have some work done around the house. (picture dollar bills just flying out of the purse). And I’m hooked on Draw Something.

But, this is supposed to ben an uplifting/motivational blog… so let’s look at more positive and thought provoking things.

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Pinterest via Instantly Improve Your Mood

23 and 1/2 hours: What is the single best thing we can do for our health?


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