Hey There, Ms New Booty

Welp, I finally got clearance from “the man” (aka: Insurance co) and I have MRI scheduled for Tuesday. That being said, there’s still no running in my life.

The weather is gorgeous here in the Lou so lots of others are adding running to theirs. I audible curse (and consider throwing things) at runners as I pass them. I’m so jealous.

But the other night, I saw a tweet by Runner’s World that was the exact message I needed to hear.


The article was perfect. Trying to point out the “bright side” to injuries.

1. You Cross Train.  Check! Otherwise I’d be going stir crazy.

2. You Finally Listen to your Body. (Meh)

3. You Come Back with Care. (TBD)

4. You Practice Nixing Negativity (not quite yet…)

Quote that resonated most with me: “I tell all of my injured patients, ‘Just wait. You’re going to appreciate running so much more.'”


Since I’m NOT running 12 miles this week, this means I get to thoroughly enjoy the champagne and other goodies at my sister-in-laws bridal shower! It’s so much fun seeing her (and the rest of the family so happy.) There will be several weddings this year… so I’d better dust off my dancin’ shoes and prep my pallet for cake and champagne.

IMG 2391

IMG 2392

IMG 2406


I found a dress, that I forgot I had, in the back of my closet. Don’t you love it when that happens?! (Though, probably something I should not admit to… since its probably a sign I have too many clothes…. I’d argue I have too small a closet!)

IMG 2389

Now we’re off to a dinner with Gregg’s co-workers and wives!

I’ve had to promise Gregg I won’t do this tonight…

IMG 2412




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