80 degrees and Windy

One could easily forget that today was mid-March. It was over 80 degrees, sunny, and very windy!

A perfect day to leave work early (only 7 hours, what..what?!) and head out for a run. I logged about 5 miles tonight. The pace wasn’t great (56 mins) but it felt really good to be out an enjoying the sunshine after being in the office all day.

Oh, and after blowing off my long run yesterday for some interval/sprint time. It was raining and even though I got all dressed up and looked like a badass… I just wasn’t feeling it. So I changed and headed to the local treadmill.IMG 2329

Hard to believe that was yesterday… This was today! (Don’t mind the bags of donations in the background)

IMG 2333

I know I shouldn’t have skipped the long run. But 10 miles is pretty intimidating for me. I’m also getting anxious for my first race this weekend!

This will be my first road race ever. It’s the St. Louis St. Patrick’s Day run. It’s 5 miles through downtown STL. It’s a very popular race. I’m hoping i’ll feel like just another person in the crowd of 13,000 people! and not feel intimidated by it. So I picked up my race t-shirt tonight. Though, I learned (through all my internet reads) that only rookies actually wear the shirt on race day.

Other things I’ve been learning: how to stop/not stop at water stations, where to line up, and minding my P’s & Q’s (always thank volunteers and spectators!).

Here’s a video someone posted of the start of last years’ St. Patrick’s day run. I can’t decide if this helps or makes me more nervous.

So…here’s my Monday Motivation!

IMG 2303



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