So that just happened

Today I ran 9.23miles i n 1:48:02. I am quite proud of myself. But I’m also quite pooped. There will be more blogging tomorrow.

A quick recap:

1 Gu 25 mins prior to leaving. Walk .3mile warmup

Mile 1 – 9:32 avg pace *whoa need to slow down

Mile 2 – 11:30 (lots of street lights)

Mile 3 – 10:43

Mile 4 – 11:13

Mile 5 – 12:28 <–Gu #2

Mile 6 – 11:02

Mile 7 – 12:16

Mile 8 – 12:06 <– Gu #3

Mile 9 – ??? <– It get’s mess up here b/c I paused my Garmin (I don’t even remember doing it! and forgot to start it again.) I’d guess I hovered right around the 12:30 marker… I was spent

All in all… I am very happy with today’s run.




Oh, I also downloaded a trial edition of MarsEdit3. I’m excited to try it and provide some reviews.



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