March Photo a Day

I’ve stalled out. Yesterday was bad .Today was worse.

It was food day in the office. I should have taken a picture, but just imagine a cubicle full of cookies, donuts, brownies, pastries, chips, cheese dip, cupcakes, pizza, and more candy. That’s right…. did you feel your insulin levels shoot up just from reading that list?!

Ug. I don’t know why no one ever brings fruit, or veggies, or even hummus for a dip! (says the girl who brought in donuts)

Regardless of the solid run I had a mere two nights ago, I succumbed to the temptations. I didn’t gorge myself, but i definitely tasted one too many treats. One would think after all that I’d be ready to run… but alas, my shoulder is telling me otherwise.

I can’t raise my right arm further than a few inches away from my body at one particular angle. If I go straight up or straight out to the side… it hurts…but it doesn’t make me whimper and cry immediately like the 45* angle spot does.

I’ve spent some time stretching it out tonight and putting some icy hot on it. If it’s not better tomorrow, I’m calling the doc. It was sore yesterday and today is worse. There was a bout of it last month too.

I’m too young for this shi….

Anyways, to lift my spirits, I’m challenging myself to the Instagram March Photo a Day challenge! I’m hoping this gets me in the habit of snapping more pics and stirs up the creative juices.

It seems the day job (staring at excel files all day) has had a detrimental effect on my creativity as of late.

If you’d like to join me, here it is! And you can follow me on instagram to see my “artwork”


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