March Goals

Since I started this blog to hold myself accountable for my Exercise and Nutrition (or lack thereof) I’ve decided to establish some goals and see how I do.

Lists of odd numbers appeals to me… and since five seems like too many, I’ll set three and see how it goes! We’ll status these April 1 (no tom foolery!)

1) Two puppy walks per week.  (it’s warm and they need to get out more. running circles around the yard doesn’t always cut it)

2) Continue to track my food and get weekly averages close to the carb/protein/fat split that’s recommended for me: 60/25/15 (I ditched the FitBook and I’m using the “Lose it!” iPhone app again. It’s very handy, I always have my phone with me, and now the “scan food” feature makes adding new food a breeze! Though it does encourage eating of processed foods)

3) Keep up with the running plan. It’s getting intense! I cross into double digits in a few weeks!

These will be printed out & posted on my dresser mirror, lest I forget I set them.


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