Live Every Day…

…As if it was Leap Day!

I don’t recall having a previous fascination with Leap Day in years past… probably because I was in high school. Kidding. Though, this is only my 9th one.

Hey, I just realized I was born in a leap year!

Oh yeah, back to the magic… one of my favorite shows 30 Rock did a bit on Leap Day.

“I’m about to do something pretty crazy.” — Liz
“You should. It’s Leap Day. Real life is for March.” — Criss

I told myself I’d do something fun today. So far, the most fun I’ve had was sleeping in an extra half hour, sat in a board meeting for 7 hours, ate chobani yogurt for dessert, and watched SMASH.

Ugh. Sorry, I just put myself to sleep while reading that.

So, here it is, 7:45pm…. and I got nothin’ to blog about.  Allow me to live vicariously through you… go do something fun and tell me about it!

“Live everyday like it’s Leap Day, and every Leap Day like it’s your last.” – Leap Day Williams



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