Speed Will Come

Today’s title is attributed to one of my dear readers (commented on a post not too long ago)

Given my pace slowed considerably from the last two long-runs… I wanted to focus on getting my confidence and my speed up.  So, I shuffled some plans around, rather than doing 4.5 miles today, I opted for my “3 miles or cross” that was on tap for tomorrow.

To start, I made sure to leave work at a decent hour (only 8 hrs in the office is a major accomplishment!) and then a quick stop at the grocery store for some healthy eats. I was home while the sun was still shining and it’s a balmy 52 degrees.

For 28th of Feb…that is awesome-ness! Thank you Mother Nature!

Anyways… back to the run.

I charted a course that has some little hills, through a graveyard, and along a city river (aka: storm water overflow). I planned the last part of the run is on a busy street to keep me accountable. I always feel silly when I’m all decked out like a serious runner… and I’m walking!

Started out nice and strong. In fact, as I was walking to my starting point (dynamic warm-up folks!) I was just itching to hit “START” on the Garmin and get going! Alas, I waited. Once it was time to run, I zoomed off!

Now, for those people who run, please try not to spit water on your keyboard as you see my times (I hear that milk shot from the nose due to laughing is not covered under most warranties!). Simply remember back… some, waaaayy back…. to when you started running. And how good you felt as you whittled time off your mileage. 🙂

1 mile: 9:23 avg pace (Avg HR 133, Max 149)
2 mile: 9:43 avg pace (avg HR 152, Max 160)
3 mile: bonk 11:00 avg pace (avg HR 147, Max 161)

Regardless of hitting the wall (or that mammoth hill!!) in mile 3… I averaged a 10 min/mile. Compared to the 11 min/mile (6 mile run) and 12 min/mile (7mile run!) And this is just what I needed to see today!

Later this week, I plan to research and discuss heart rates… be excited.


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