Half way to the Half!

Spring seems to have sprung a little early for us here in St. Louis. Today couldn’t have been a more beautiful day (minus the wind gusts). It was 50-60 degrees, sunny, with an occasional gale force gust of wind.

I got to enjoy this weather by logging a seven mile run.

Admittedly, I struggled finding my mojo to get going. My workouts this week have been M.I.A. and I’d lost a lot of the mental fortitude gearing up for such a run requires. I woke up early this morning and futzed around the house. Watching DVR’d shows like CBS Sunday Morning and Fashion Police (yes, I have musical-and-television A.D.D.). Gregg was headed off to the gym to take part in the CrossFit Open competitions (how many burpees can you do in 7 minutes?!). I took that as my queue to get ready for my run.

But I was hungry… and it was almost lunch time… so I had a bagel thin.

Then, I was cold… so I took a nice hot shower.

That made me tired… so I snuggled up for a 20 min nap.

The dogs didn’t want to let me sleep (they kept barking) and my mind kept planning my run. So, I got up, got ready, got out the door!

I’m beginning to experiment with my fuel and hydration. I wore my Nathans Speed 2 belt. It really does rock. And used 1 Gu (w/ caffeine) before heading off on the run. Another Gu (plain) was consumed about 50 mins into the run.

So off I go… I learned a few things on today’s run:

1) When I’m ready to quit 1.5 miles into a run, it’s best to be on a route that doesn’t allow any shortcuts. Calling for a pick up is not an option either. I said “Self, you will do these 7 miles today… whether it takes you 4 hours!”

2) One 10oz water bottle is not enough for 7 miles. But plan the last 2 miles around a park and you can get more water. You can also stand in line and watch puppies drink from the fountain.

3) Instead of cursing the wind… open your arms and embrace it. Literally. It will feel like you are flying.

4) When stopping at said water fountains, remember, if you pause the Garmin to start it up again when running. I thought I was stuck in a 1.5 mile time warp. Then I realized… It was tracking my heart, and pace, but not my distance!

5) Coming home to pups frolicking in the backyard and an ultra-supportive husband makes the sense of accomplishment even better.

Gregg and I ate an early dinner (steak, sweet potato and broccoli) and as much as I’d like to plop on my couch with my compression pants and a tall glass of beer water… we’re heading off to the in-laws for an Oscar’s Party!

My ballot would probably mean more if I’d actually seen some of these movies. Oh well.

For the record — today’s run: 7.1 miles in 1:24:16!!! 🙂



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