Yesterday was a gorgeous day. Slightly on the cold side. But the sun was shining and the wind was relatively calm.

I got to enjoy my 6 mile run outside!

I completed with an average pace of 11:12. Compared to last weekend, it took me 4 mins longer than it did on the treadmill. Not too shabby.

While initially, I got down on myself, thinking how that was slow. All these other blogs I read, the girls are in the 8-9 min mile range. Then I had to stop.

I reminded myself to Get Over It. The only person worth comparing myself to…. is myself.

And I rock.


3 thoughts on “Accomplishments

  1. You do rock – keep up the good spirit. Slow is good, speed will come. Build your base and it will come! 6m x 11.12 is a lot more than say, 99% of the population in the USA runs

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