Getting Over It

The last few weeks have been busy for me.

I took a trip to Texas for a Family Reunion/Great Grandma’s 92nd Birthday. I got to see my mom! ❤ And hang out with my cousins. I had a marvelous time, it passed to quickly of course.

Once I got back to STL every day has been like groundhogs day. Same thing. Over. and Over. And it’s mostly been work. I’ve struggled getting my mileage in. So lack of working out, combined with the monotony of cubicle life, didn’t lend much to interesting blogs.

Well, it’s gone on long enough and I need to Get Over It. My life will only be as interesting as I make it. And I’ll only run better when I push myself.

Earlier this week, Valentine’s Day in fact, I had a terrible work out. One of the worst ones I’ve had in a while. I was weak, sick feeling, and just totally disappointed with myself. I was supposed to run 4 miles. It was raining. As I headed to the gym, I thought “It’s Valentine’s Night… I’ll have it all to myself”. Boy, was I wrong! It was PACKED! And it was HUMID. And it was STINKY.  I started running. I started sweating 0.5 miles into it. Ug. But I ran 3 miles then did ~70 flights on the stair mill.

While that workout was not much worth noting physically, it’s the mental strength I gained that night by passing through it.

The rest of the week I was weak. I let this crappy workout get to me mentally. I’ve been tired and lacked the energy or motivation to push through it.

But I’m getting over it. Today, I’m over it.

Tomorrow we’ve got 6 miles on the dock and I will enjoy them!


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