Track Running

Today was a freakishly gorgeous day in the ‘Lou…. one year ago weather forecasters were predicting  “Snowmageddon” (it was a bust) but today it was 60 degrees and sunny!

As luck would have it, both the hubby and I were able to sneak out of our offices after a measly 8 hour work day to enjoy some fresh air. We headed to our local high school track. He did a Crossfit workout. I ran 3.5 miles. The run felt good…though it was entirely too monotonous. Fourteen laps. Good thing I had my Garmin to keep distance, otherwise I definitely would have lost count.

The music on Fit Radio and Pandora were bad tonight. I need to work on a playlist or two. I’m tired of all my others.

We couldn’t get enough of the weather so we took the p-dogs for a “w”.  For all those who are unsure… that’s local dialect for “we took the puppy dogs (even though they aren’t really puppies) on a walk”.

Gregg made an amazing post-workout shake. I’m going to have to make it sometime and share the receipe. Let’s just say it involved chocolate, peanut butter, and banana! Can’t go wrong with those ingredients!

Dinner was a quick chicken quesedilla with sliced red bell pepper on the side. And now, though it feels like I’ve had a full evening… I must log on to do some work.

It’s sad when 8 hours isn’t enough time in the day to get the job done.

Hope you did something enjoyable today!


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