Long Run-day Sunday

Fun fact: There are 1,440 minutes in the day.

And today, I spent 58.5 of those minutes running 5.21miles… enjoying the St. Louis sunshine in an unusually warm January day. The temps were in the 40’s (though with that windchill it was closer to mid-30’s). I’m finally learning how much to wear (or not wear!) to maintain a decent temp.

I’ve been struggling with a blister on my pinky toe lately…and these Micro Wool toe socks really have changed my life like the salesman said they would! My feet were in comfy heaven.

Prior to the run, my morning started off with the usual Sunday morning activity for our house…. CBS Sunday Morning. Several interesting topics were covered today including:

  • Foxconn – if you aren’t familiar with this story read up on it. You’ll appreciate your job a lot more. I promise.
  • Tory Burch – she’s a designer of “affordable clothes”… I was psyched when I saw so many cute pieces… then I checked her website. I will have to continue to shop the really-affordable section… *sigh*,
  • and a bit on Brad Pitt although he doesn’t look great with the long hair, he’s still a very sexy man. Does anyone still harbor hard feelings against Angelina??

While sipping my french press coffee and watching the show I got lots of puppy snuggles. They are the best.


This evening, after Target stole all my money, I’m waiting for hubby to grill a steak and watch some SNL. There may or may not be some wine involved at some point too.


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