Weekend (Non)Warrior

Friday night I had a really solid run. Bad news: It was supposed to be 3.5miles and it was only 2.7miles. Good news: I ran the entire time without stopping in 26 mins. Outside. That last part was the motivating factor in not stopping. I was very poorly under-dressed for this run. It was cold and I kept telling myself “The faster you run, the sooner you get back inside.” Probably not something I should plan to do in the future. But it worked.

Today, I’m supposed to do 40 mins of cross training. After waking early and cleaning the house top-to-bottom, I have zero energy to workout! I even put my shoes on, queued up a

Bob Harper Ripped Core DVD and just stood there staring at him warming up!

I was cold. I sat in the sunlight streaming into the office. I wanted to nap.

So I jumped in the shower to warm up and wake up. Now, I’m committing myself to get my run in early tomorrow.

5 miles are on the docket!









In other news, I am getting a blister on the bottom of my pinky toe. It reeeeeally hurts. So, I’m going shopping for some running toe-socks.

I’ve also found a new favorite meal. Chobani Vanilla Greek Yogurt, Gala apple, blueberries, with Kashi Crunch on top!

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