Three Weeks… No Change

This morning marked the fourth weigh-in for my office’s Biggest Loser contest… And for three weeks in a row, I weigh the exact same! down to the tenth of a pound! After lots of “WTF” thoughts level-headed thinking… I’ve realized…

  1. At least I’m not gaining!
  2. I haven’t really been modifying my eating. I still eat out a couple meals a week. But overall make healthy choices. I think. (i’ve stopped writing in my FitBook so that is not verifiable. whoops!)
  3. I’m more fit. I’ve been logging 8-10 miles a week already and I’m getting faster and building endurance as I go. (Tonight 2miles in 18 mins :-D)

It’s more important to me to be healthy and fit than to see a magic number on the scale.

I’ll just keep telling myself that.  Over.  And Over.

I’ve got some important things to do tonight, and I’m using my work laptop so I can’t import any pics. But I don’t want to leave you without some eye candy… so enjoy this.



One thought on “Three Weeks… No Change

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