Runners… it’s cold outside

Note(s) to future self:

  1. Do not increase weights on squats & lunges the day before a long run
  2. Running outside when it’s 30 degrees is possible. Running in 30 degrees with too many layers becomes more difficult.
  3. Changing up a route makes things much more interesting
  4. Sooner or later… you’re going to have to move your runs to the beginning of the day (versus right now smack-dab-in-da-middle)
  5. You will pay the price later for Skipping mid-week training sessions

Today’s long run was 4 miles. I chuckle to myself calling that a long run because I know in the not-too-distant future that will become my mid-week/short run! I didn’t want to go outside (temps hovering around 30 degrees) but I didn’t want to spend another 4 miles on the treadmill.

With the help from hubby, I bundled up. Although I never really got cold on the run, I felt like I was running through molasses with all those layers. With tight a gluteus & hamstrings, 43 minutes later I had another 4 miles in the books!

While I started getting bummed with my speed (am I really that slow?!) I realized, that was only ONE MINUTE slower than last sunday on the treadmill. That being said, I’m taking pride in my own progress.

The only person I need to compare myself to… is myself.

Source: healthyandhappy2012, via littlemiss-fitness
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I have a little bit of my Sunday left… and lots to do still.
Meal Planning
Grocery shopping for said meals or just buy all the same stuff we buy every week
Buy New Running Shoes

I hope you’re all enjoying your Sunday!


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