Running in Silence

Last night I did a lot of prep work to get ready for an early morning run. I packed my lunch. I packed Gregg’s lunch. I laid out all my gear. Then, it started to take a turn for the worse… I fell asleep late (10:40ish). Okay, still doable. Woke up to crazy thunderstorm at 2:00. Then again 2:40. Then again 4:00. Once the alarm went off at 5:00 I was nearly ready to cry curse! go back to bed.

All that being said… Can you guess what happened to my run?!

If you knew the “old” me… you’d say it didn’t happen. BUT… you’d be wrong!

Got a great 3 miles in tonight – sans headphones! Usually I need my music. But tonight I didn’t! those minutes flew by and I easily hammered out the miles. Lucky for me it worked because only headphones I get my hands on were in the lost & found. <ICK>

I was hungry after the gym. Without a recipe or any ideas, I threw this little plate of tasty-goodness together. … Chicken Spinach Pizza. Nom Nom Nom

Back to tonight’s run.
It was liberating to run without messing with the buds.
It was motivating… there was no diddle-daddling around, just run my 3 miles and go home!
It gave me a chance to listen to my breathing and focus on my cadence. It’s important to run with an even stride – and it’s easy to slack off when absorbed in the music.

There are lots of articles & blogs out there discussing the pros & cons of running without music. While I certainly don’t think I’ll make a habit of running without my jams… I will consider doing it again…  from time to time!

Internet Opinions:

FitSugar Discussion
Runner’s World Forum
Runner’s Resource

Question: Do you run with or without music?


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