One week down… Thirteen to Go!

After my first full week of marathon training, I’m excited and looking forward to the next several weeks until the Go! half marathon (get the pun in the title now?!). Having a specific plan to follow with specific goals has really helped push my motivation to the next level.

I can’t wait for the snow & ice to melt so I can get back outside. Though, Tucker enjoys the snow!

Today was the first long run of the plan. It was “only” 4 miles. After completing an active warm up, I ran the 4 miles in 42 minutes. I felt a little frustrated with myself for taking a few walk breaks in the middle. In times past, if I struggled through a run (like I was mid-run today) I probably would have quit. Today, I told myself that just wasn’t an option. I could take as many 1 min walk breaks as I needed…but I wasn’t getting off that treadmill until the pedometer ticked of 4.00miles!

Yesterday I ate like crap. Last night we went a hockey game. And today I was on a treadmill with no TV and no view to distract me. All these things were the makings for a crap-tastic run. But, I pushed through!

Afterwards I spent some time stretching and quality time with Bob Harper 15 min Abs. We have a love/hate relationship.

I plan to go shopping for new running shoes today (or maybe this week). And I’m also going to finally use my b-day gift card to Lululemon! Having new kicks & new gear always makes running more fun. I like it when my hubby says “you look like a runner!”

PS – I downloaded Camera+ for my iPhone today. It makes really cool pis!

PSS – Don’t forget your burpees! It’s 15 today!

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