Do a Lap

I’ve been MIA the past couple of days.  Did you miss me?

I’m sorry.

Let’s see… Monday I was not feeling well at all. At first I thought I was coming down with something (because it seems like everyone around me is getting sick and *knock on wood* I have not had my turn yet!). But as it turned out, I just didn’t take care to fuel & rest like I my body needs.

So while it was supposed to be my first ‘official’ day of my half-marathon training… I ate cold cereal for breakfast and hit the pillow. *bust*

Tuesday was an AWESOME day. See, no sickness here, just learning to listen to and take care of this ol’ body of mine! I had a super productive day in the office (always feels good). Came home and ran 3.25 miles in about 35 mins outside.While this may not appear fast to the average runner… this was a PR For This Girl! The speed, nor the time really, but rather the speed AND time AND environment! It was right around 40*, dark, and slight wind.

And I owned that run.

Tonight, well, tonight I definitely benefited from being on the training program! On the schedule “2 mile run or cross train”. I begrudgingly opted for cross training. Bob Harpers Ripped Core DVD work out. My insides will curse thank me later.

I’ve spent some time jazzing up the old blog. And also brainstorming some ideas for blog posts so I don’t just ramble about my day. Because, quite frankly, even I would get tired of myself…

So you’d better be prepared for some insightful entertaining posts in the near future!

For now, I’ll leave you with this:

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