One week into the New Year

I have a hard time believing that I’ve only been back in the office for four measly days (versus the twelve that I was off over the holidays!). It’s been a hectic week. And I’m pooped…

But I’ve done a great job sticking to my workout & nutritional goals that I’ve outlined in my FitBook. While my co-workers may be making fun of me… I like it! It absolutely makes me more aware of the food that I’m putting in my mouth. It also makes me accountable (to myself) on my workouts! And I hope know this will help with the two big things I’ve got going on over the next 4 months:

1) Win the Biggest Loser in my office competition

2) Train to run my first half marathon!!!

So, let’s break both of these down…  (uh, break it down *dancing*)

Office Biggest Loser — weigh in was this week (Wednesday) and will have weekly weigh-ins for twelve weeks. Each contestant will throw a few bucks ($5) into the kitty. Winner takes all. Winner will be determined by percentage body weight lost. Without sounding egotistical, I’m the healthiest eater in the group every day for the most part. So, while others will ma

ke great strides if they kick the chips, soda, candy bars… I’m going to have to work for it. Which segways segues very nicely to my next activity…

Running my first half Marathon!! (ok, so technically the goal is to “Complete” and “not be last in” my first marathon… but who’s getting technical?!) Yesterday and today I’ve been doing some research… trying to find a good training program. I think I’ve finally found one I like. Check it out here.

The fact that the training incorporates strength, stretching, and cross-training really grabbed my attention. Otherwise, if I ran 6 days a week… I’d either die of boredom or succum to “dancer’s hip” (it’s legit, it has a wiki page). That being said, I plan to mix it up a little.


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