Manic Monday

Just another Monday. I hate Mondays. My work day is generally packed with back to back meetings. And now, coming up on year-end; many in my office are getting a little frantic thinking about all the things that must be accomplished between now and Dec 31st. This does not bode well for my stress levels and trying to get back into a routine of working out!

(Though, isn’t it funny… I know if I worked out then that would help my stress levels. What a vicious cycle to be caught up in!)

Tonight, I didn’t let it get me down though. I came home and went right to the computer….

To turn on Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30!!

It’s not much, but it’s something. More than nothing. And it’s 30 mins so I can get in, out, and one with my day!

On a happy note, I’ve figured out how to sync my iPhone over WiFi… so expect me to be posting more photos again soon. Because heaven forbid I have to plug my phone into my Mac to transfer them… (first-world problems)

Tomorrow night is Yoga with my MIL… I’m definitely looking forward to it. I’ve never done yoga in a studio before… only in my home (Bob Harper Inside Out Yoga) and on the beach (led by Guillermo at Dreams Puerto Vallarta). If I had a choice, I’d do beach everyday…but sadly, there’s no more ocean front spots here in the Lou.

Though, I wouldn’t be opposed to Cat Yoga…


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