Tuesday…. Already?!

So, turns out I didn’t blog all weekend…. I was having too much fun!

Saturday I got to meet up with a college girlfriend whom I haven’t seen in about 2 1/2 years. We had lunch in St. Charles at a local brewery/restaurant called Trailhead. The leisurely lunch lasted two hours during which we caught up on recent events and reminisced about the past. That girl has one of the best memories of anyone I know…. we were laughing so hard we caught a few glares stares. Then that afternoon Gregg and I went shopping. Lots and lots of shopping. The best purchase? New luggage for an upcoming trip! (In addition to all his new business trips).

Sunday was a casual “take care of things around the house and catch up on gym time day”. Got a few miles in on the treadmill and stretched out some tight muscles. Also, getting some vitamin D in the tanning bed!!

Yesterday and today were typical work days. Except the fact that I got to go on a “behind the scenes” tour of the lemur/primate house at the St. Louis Zoo today! The Board I serve on held their meeting at the Zoo today. They treated us very well with food and hospitality, including a ‘golf cart’ tour of the zoo. I’ll have to post a recap (with pictures!) later once I get them uploaded to my laptop.

Lately, I’ve been in a cooking/baking kick. It’s funny, now that we have less food in the house I’m more creative with piecing meals together. Do any of you do that? Totally empty out your fridge/freezer/pantry prior to going on a long vacation?! It may not be so wise for the return home (there’s nothing to cook or eat and I don’t feel like returning to the real world by grocery shopping)… but I love not feeling like I’m wasting food while we’re away.

A Bit of an Exageration... but you get the point.



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