The life of a homeowner

Yesterday, while making breakfast, I blew a circuit breaker. This particular breaker hates me… It never pops on Gregg… But I’m trucking down to the basement to reset it on a regular occurrence. Sadly, the poor little breaker is kaput, no more electricity for about one-third of the house.

Calling electricians on a Sunday can be an expensive undertaking… So we ran an extension cord to the fridge and set up an appointment for Monday afternoon.

In the meantime, I proceed with breakfast preparations, and the sink (previously a slow drainer) stopped draining! you’ve got to be explitive kidding me!!

So tonight, after a long day in the office, my dear hubby crawled under the sink to clear the drain. The electrician never came. And my dad told us we could probably replace the breaker ourselves. So that will be tomorrow’s project.

In the meantime, I’ll be doing all food prep in the dark… Tripping over an orange extension cord.


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