When I Grow Up…

Growing up, I wanted to be a teacher. Specifically a music teacher… then a math teacher… then a choir director. Then, I thought about being an actuarial scientist (ya know, those guys that work for insurance companies that calculate the probability of death?! = depressing). Finally, I finished college with my Accounting degree. I hated accounting. I did it because a friend was going through those classes… I was sick of calculus (see actuarial phase)… and it was supposedly harder than finance. <Enter ‘grown-up’ phase> God forbid I do something I want vs pushing myself to excel at the most (seemingly) difficult task. Did I  mention, that I was also a type-A, perfectionist!?

Now, I work in finance and I do not get the personal satisfaction out of my job that I dreamed about when I was young. I know I am smart, I know I am fully capable, but what am I doing to make the world (or myself) better?!

I brainstormed the other night…if I could do anything in the world, what would I do? Sadly, I don’t have an answer anymore. I want to find something, some place, that I can do good (and make good money doing it!). Societal problems that break my heart: childhood obesity/nutrition/fitness. My heart aches when I see kids that are not starting their lives out in a healthy manner… it only gets more difficult as they get older! Problem is…. how can I help? What can my financial/accounting/math intensive background do for them?

Growing up, I always “knew” what I wanted to be. Granted it changed every 5-10 years… but at least I had a dream, goal, aspirations. What holds me back now?

Tell me:
What do you want to be when you grow up?


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