Labor Day Weekend Sales

Yesterday was a fun expensive day. We’ve been looking for new living room furniture for a while and we finally found a set we liked. Given that it was labor day weekend and there are always sales… we decided to go haggle look in person. The chocolate leather set was perfect and the price was almost right. I’ve gotten to the point where I hate paying sticker price for anything so I channeled my inner-mother-in-law (queen of all that is negotiating) and got $300 knocked off the price simply for paying in cash (which we would have done anyways)! Score! Pictures to come when they deliver on Friday… I’m so excited!

My new fitness toy (Garmin Forerunner 305!) and I have had a few runs. The temperature is finally dropping so I have a feeling she’ll get a lot more use this season! Yesterday, we took a jaunt around the park. This will sound strange, but I hate the perfectly square park… because it makes me more aware of distance than I want to be… but on the other hand, I love seeing my stats on my wrist! (Pace, time, heart-rate, distance). They keep me moving and pushing. I’m not very fast but I’ve definitely noticed a signifiant drop in my average heart rate as I run longer! Sign of a healthy body!


To welcome in the fall season – we grilled some chicken brats, ate a fresh summer salad,

then we lit up the fire pit,

drank wine, and chilled to some great music. Last night it got into the high 50’s!! Our house was cold this morning. Puppies were snuggled in the bed with us making it hard to get up.  But now we’re up and running and have another great day planned!

Can you spot BOTH puppies??

Enjoy the holiday, my friends!


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