Beautiful Day (and Night)

Today was a wonderful day. I am feeling more at peace with the decisions I’ve made and applying less stress to myself. I enjoyed some quality time with my beautiful puppies and I experimented with the Vitamix.

Vitamix creations were not documented, too yummy to snap a picture! But they were:

  1. Pineapple, Banana, Coconut, Splash of OJ, Water, Ice, and Granola
  2. Peanuts, Nesquick Chocolate Mix, Soy Milk, Ice

Gregg and I were both huge fans of the tropical #1. It’s much like a shake made at our gym’s shake counter… except they use a syrupy juice. So it thrills me that my shake was more natural and twice as yummy!!

While the hubby was getting a massage, I enjoyed some quiet time. Read a book. Then walked the dogs. The summer sky was beautiful tonight.

Tucker and His Yard

Summer Sunset in the City

"look at this!"... "no, check that out!"

PS ~ My fitness toy came in the mail today!! I wanted to use it tonight, but it needed to charge. I plan to bust it out tomorrow!!


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