Starting a New Habit is Hard

I’ve been MIA for a bit. I would love to say that it’s because something wonderful, life-changing, or monumental has occurred. Regrettably, it’s just due to the challenge I set for myself. Starting a new habit is hard… starting several new habits is even more arduous.

I got about two weeks into my “Ripped in 30″-30 day self challenge. And I took a night off, and then another, and then another. Before I knew it… I hadn’t worked out for 9 days. Almost as many days as I had worked out!!  I felt so discouraged with myself. Each day I thought, “what’s the difference if I skip today, I’ve already missed a week”. I was very harsh on myself and breaking out of that funk proved to be very difficult.

Finally, I broke it. A few days ago I just went to the gym and ran. And it felt good. And it felt great! I know now that I should set smaller, intermediate goals for myself. Ones that allow me to falter or have a night off and not be totally pissed let down in my own self. I am also going to work on appreciating myself. I need to stop getting stuck in The Comparison Trap (one of my favorite PBF posts!) and love me for me.

Yesterday, Sunday, I did not work out. But I ate really healthily and I spent hours and hours cleaning and organizing the house and basement. That was ok.

Today, I did work out… I drove straight to the gym after work and blasted out 3 miles. Stretched and came home. I don’t have to have marathon sessions every night. And I forgot how much I enjoy running! I’m excited for a little prize that will be coming in the mail… I treated myself to a little fun fitness gear! 🙂 Any guesses??

This weeks’ goals:

  1. 1. Work out 4 days this week. Aim for 2 running and 2 Jillian Michaels or Bob Harper DVD (weighted).
  2. 2. Limit dining out to two meals. (Knowing we always have gyros on Friday, I’ll need to budget accordingly!)
  3. 3. Pick one thing about myself to love and appreciate.

I’m going to follow this little girls’ approach.

Sunday I’ll status my goals and set new ones!

Tell me: How do you stay motivated?


One thought on “Starting a New Habit is Hard

  1. 1. everytime i try on jeans i am motivated. especially the pulling up and buttoning part.
    2. writing down my goals for me to see. i am guilt-motivated!
    3. paying money to exercise. i signed up for a $70 race in october. that’s a lot of cash money to not put forth adequate effort.
    4. i know comparisions are bad(ish) but every once in a while i find they motivate me more than anything. once i lost 10lbs in a month and toned up from strictly eating healthy(zero cheating/lots and lots of grilled chicken) and working out for 30 minutes a day. it was for my best friend’s wedding. i wanted to look hot. and i did! (which brings me to another point, how catty and awful i am that i wanted to look better than the bride? that’s a blog post in itself, right?)
    5. i find this blog motivating. keep posting and i’ll keep getting motivated!

    unrelated- i really loved your father’s day tribute to your mom. i hope she read it.

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