I’m Back

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve been blogging. It’s been unreasonably hot (leading to less workouts on my part), I had a summer cold & middle ear infection (leading to even fewer workouts!), and I overall haven’t had many ideas for a blog post.

However, I’m feeling better, stronger, faster!

This weekend I was supposed to be going to the Warrior Dash in Kansas City. Gregg wanted to do it for his upcoming birthday and though I was intimidated at first I started to really look forward to it! However, puppy-mommy duties call. One of our sweet dogs has had a few bladder issues and I did not feel right leaving someone else to take care of their messes.

I made encouraged Gregg to go compete in the dash without me. We’ll see how much he enjoyed it… maybe I can run in October when they come to St. Louis area…


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