Steamy Saturday

Long weekends are the best, I feel like I have the liberty to relax and waste an entire day if I want to! But we didn’t do that this morning!! We were up by 6am, thanks to Tucker’s morning serenade (yes, my dog sings to me when he wants me to get up). Gregg and I lounged around, playing Words with Friends (we’re addicted!) and finally rolled out of bed to make some breakfast.

This morning, I thought I’d try a recipe I saw on Weight Watchers. Egg white omelet with spinach, feta, and turkey bacon. It was only a few points and it was scrumptious!!! I’m going to have to work this into the routine.

Yummy, Yummy. Get in meh Tummy!

Later we rolled out to the gym for an indoor workout. St. Louis is experiencing record highs (heat index near 109*) and I did not feel like passing out of heat exhaustion. As it was, I had difficulty making it through the workout – not for strenuous levels per se, but I just didn’t feel on top of my game. I’ve had a nagging headache and dizziness today that I just can’t shake. So after 20 mins on the stairmill, 20 mins on the treadmill, and 10 mins of abs… I called it quits. Once Gregg was done working out we decided to wash our cars. The birds outside have a fetish with pooping on the hood of my car, I swear, and we didn’t want it to bake on in this heat!

Best Ever

Have I mentioned that I have the best husband ever!!!  He knew I was not feeling well so he did most of the washing while I sat and kept him company.

We had planned to go the pool today, heaven knows it was hot enough! Yet after all of this running around we decided to hang out in the A/C and take a nap instead. See.. no guilt… this weekend has an extra day!

Tonight I’m still not feeling well so we watched Despicable Me (for the 2nd or 3rd time… we’re such kids at heart!) and chilled in a low-lit, quiet home. There’s an emphasis on the chilled considering it’s still 93* at 9:30pm. Insanity.


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