Change is Inevitable

I’m old enough to know that change will happen. But sometimes it feels like the moment I get comfortable in a situation… something changes.

I started a new position, in a new work group, back in January 2011. About six months in now and I feel like I have a good feel of the role, the people and personalities, and have built a repore with my co-workers. Today I found out that 4 members (of our 12 member team) will all be leaving in the next few months. Two of these people include the manager of the group and the other team lead (we have two, and I’m one of them). When I first heard the news, I was immediately disappointed and thought about how much work I’ll have to take on. But then I realized this is wonderful news and I need to share in their excitement and their career development. After a little more time to think and digest the news, I got a little excited… I can capitalize on this situation and gain some more credibility and responsibility. Of course, I would expect that to lead to a promotion… Albeit, these days, those are pretty few and far between.

Changing Fitness

Lately, I have really been slacking and not taking care of myself (nutritionally and physically). I’ve been letting the stress keep me from working out and I’ve had a few “stress snacks”. I can not continue to let this happen. As you know, my MIL gave me her WW book and calculator. I have not kept this a secret… my coworkers are all fully aware and supportive of my experiment. Today, I signed up for Online Tools where I found a bunch of tasty recipes, articles, success stories, and a mobile app! As much as I crabbed about WW at first, I’m bound and determined to give this a valiant effort!!

Speak of which, it’s about that time! I’m off to figure out what’s for dinner… …


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