They are Family Members

Today’s blog inspiration comes from a bumper sticker.  “I ❤ my Granddogs”. This made me giggle and then I became rather reflective. I did not grow up with dogs, in fact I grew up a cat lover (gasp!) but now I know how much love and joy dogs can bring to a family. They truly are family members.

Back in the day (2003 or so) my boyfriend (now husband!) and I started our own little family. We adopted the cutest little puppy who was part chow-part shepard. He looked like a little bear with droopy ears and fluffy tail. We named him Tucker. The first night we had him, Tucker slept on the floor. We were not going to let him sleep with us…that barely lasted 24 hrs! Tucker immediately won our hearts.

Tucker in his ‘doggles’

Tucker is now 8 1/2 years old and he has a best friend named Bella. She is a rescue dog. In the summer of 2008,

Gregg rescued her – we weren’t supposed to keep her but it only took a short weekend for us to all fall in love and grow our family to four!

Bella’s First Day With Us

Tucker is the smartest dog I know.

Snuggles with Peter Rabbit

Bella basking in the sun

Bella is the sweetest.


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