Cone of Silence

Mondays – I hate Mondays.  Today was not much different, though I got into the office about 3.5 hrs later than normal, the afternoon was just as jam packed with meetings as always. I was late into the office because I had an EMG test for my arm.  I would not wish this on anyone! Getting my arm/hand shocked and muscles poked with a tiny needle so that they could “listen to my muscles” was not an enjoyable experience. All that being said, they did determine that my nerves and muscles are functioning properly and no damage was visible. (The Red Cross technician is lucky!) They can’t say why I’ve been having pain but again I was told to continue to ‘wait and see’ if it gets any better.  So aggrevating! but that means that I’m going to try to go back to normal with my workout routine and see where it gets me!

My poor Bella girl has had a rough day too. It looks like the groomer my have nicked a spot behind her ear (I do not blame them as I know how hyper she can get sometimes). Thanks to her puppy-OCD she’s scratched at it so much that we had to put the cone on her along with some neosporin. My other dog, Tucker, is a “‘sporin” addict (as we call it!) and he’s been chasing her around trying to get a lick. Never a dull moment in this house!

Bella and the Cone

Bella is a good sport when it comes to wearing the cone…when she gets stuck on something she either blasts through it or she hold very very still. Probably better than I would do though. And it certainly doesn’t hinder her from watching her ‘tv’ (watching out the window to pass the time). Oh, and another note, my 60-70lbs dogs think they are cats sometimes when they snuggle on the back & arms of the couch.

Well, I’m off unwind from the day by delving into a good book!


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