Charity Ride

70 miles is a long drive. 70 miles is an even longer bike ride! But we’ll get to that in a minute…

This morning started of with a rockin lightning & thunderstorm. It was the kind of thunder that rattles in your chest. My rescue dog, Bella, is not a fan of storms. Here she is taking shelter in my armpit!

The day turned into a rather productive one, probably because it started off with my favorite breakfast sandwich! Morningstar maple flavored sausage, egg whites, Vermont cheddar on thin bread. A wonderfully cold nectarine accompanied this delicious meal but I scarfed it down to quickly to get a picture.

Due to the arm issues I’ve been having, I was pretty limited – both with regards to working out and in the chores I could do – so I purged some clothes from my closet. Ended up making room for 3 new summer sub dresses I’m pretty excited about! Now, if only I get back to working out to to have the ‘summer bod’ I dream about.

And now, I wait at the finish line for my darling husband and father in law to finish a 70 mile bicycle ride for Ronald McDonald House Charities!


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