Komen Race for the Cure

Today started really early, especially for a Saturday. I got up around 4:45 and donned my Race apparel…

Then it was off to downtown St. Louis to join with 65,000 other supporters in the nation (and the WORLD’S) largest Komen race. This was my first time to participate because previously I either a) didn’t have a group to go with or b) the large crowd and pictures on the news totally intimidated me! But this year, I had a friend to walk with (and 28 members of her family, including 5 survivors!) and I figured I’d just have to get over the crowd issue.

We headed down super early and took lots of pictures and people watched.

Once it was time to walk we hoped in line with the throng of people and became one large moving mass that filled the streets of St. Louis. It was an amazing thing to see in person and be a part of.

I was incredibly impressed with all the survivors there (they said about 5,000 participated in the race) and how many people were walking/running in Honor or Memory of someone. It seemed that Breast Cancer was so prevalent but the survivors (I saw one woman that was a Two Time Survivor!) were inspirational. And now, I can’t wait until next year… when I run the 5k!

Look at the hill behind us... a sea of pink!


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