Time and Pictures

The reason for my lack of blog entries is certainly not due to lack of ideas.  I seem to be easily able to come up with a topic (or two) everyday!  However, I have two issues that I need to work through:

1.  I forget to take pictures.  A blog without pictures can be a little boring.  I’m don’t like reading them.  Pictures help the reader feel more connected and the author can illustrate (pun intended) more clearly!

2. I’m not used to dedicating time to my own blog.  All day, I spend in front of a computer at work.  I’ll visit a few of my fave blogs over lunch and and occasionally when I get home at night. Getting caught up in all the wonderful bloggers’ stories, epiphanies, and pictures of the day… I forget that I need to go visit my own!

This coming week, in an attempt to improve myself, but not totally overwhelm myself, I’m going to work on number 1 – Take More Pictures! We’ll see how this works for me…

Happy Friday Everyone!

Don't Go to Work, Mom! Snuggle with me & my toys!


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