Summer Love

St. Louis is under a Heat Warning all weekend.  This means that temps will get near 100 degrees (including grotesque levels of humidity).   The pros advice that we spend time in doors, in A/C, and just wait it out until Wednesday!  Posh.  You know what 100 degree summer weekends are good for?  Freezing inside a movie theater Going to the Pool!!!

I’m usually a baby and can’t even think about taking a dip in the freezing water until June is almost gone.  But not this weekend!  The water felt amazing.  I did do my fair share of laying out though… reading my book “The Girl Who Played with Fire”…. and catching some rays.  (Note to self: Take off sunglasses occasionally, or you WILL get a raccoon tan).

The glorious weekend of sun & fun left me pretty pooped come Monday morning.  And as I’m sure will start to surface in subsequent posts, Mondays are literally my least favorite day in the office because they consist of nothing but “Tag-Ups” and “Staff Meetings”.  Management feels this will all help us be prepared and on the same page for the week ahead… I think it just prolongs my produtivity.  Today was no different than most Mondays, until I came home and checked the mail.

I have been waiting ever so patiently for a package… and it finally came!!!

Cute little PINK nano… you are all mine!  I couldn’t wait to sync it.  No more working out with my iPhone. Feeling like I’m lifting extra weight on that arm and good-bye paranoia that I will bust my #1 communication tool!


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